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Enrollment and training process

  • Each candidate is enrolled for a course and specific training ID is offered.
  • Each candidate is provided with  an accredited courseware
  • Training is delivered by accredited trainers
  • Attendance is mandatory for the two days training
  • Feedback obtained at the  end of the first day and the second day of the session
  • Every candidate is assessed by a mock test to understand the level of understanding of the subject  through training
  • Candidate personal data is maintained   for follow up and candidate care


  • Metrics set to evaluate training quality
  • Critical success Factor:
    • Overall feedback rating should not be less than 9/10.
    • Average Candidates should not score less than 65% in the mock exam
  • Internal reviews conducted every month to check the quality of the training  and if gaps observed ,meetings conducted to  take the corrective measures
  • In case the CSFs is not met the trainer is asked to address the gap through further learning and delivering quality training

Document and record control

  • Records of  Enquiry/registration and feedback is maintained
    • Documents related to the training (registration, feedback) are maintained atleast for one year.
    • Candidate details are confidential and are not shared with any personal external to the organization
    • Audits: Monthly audit is conducted to ensure the integrity of the documents and the audit report is maintained.
    • If any Non-conformities , it would be addressed accordingly
  • Records on the testing process are separately maintained
    • Log sheets and Rule agreement sheets/photo copies of the ID profs of the candidate are maintained
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly review of training service is done

Tutor Evaluation and accreditation

Basic qualifying criteria

  • Individuals with ITIL intermediate certification would be  (minimum 3 modules))  appointed to deliver foundation training
  • Individuals with expert certification would be appointed to deliver Intermediate trainings

Selection process

  • Trainers with more than 5 years of training experience or IT consultants with more than 3 years of industry experience would be  appointed after an interview process
    • Instructor would be asked to deliver a mock training at least for three hours and would be selected     based on the performance
  • Selected trainers from DreamsPlus would also be sent to  EXIN  for accreditation
  • Accredited trainers would be appointed to deliver Trainings

Structural and continual improvement of product/service quality – dynamic procedures

  • Adoptive training in al courses
    • Revised course content would be delivered on release of the newer version of the subject
    • Course materials and all related documents are updated as per the syllabus revisions
  • Dynamic update of contents on website on all promotions and discounts
  • Dynamic updates on the topics covered as per the market trends

Templates used

  • Registration form
  • Feedback form
  • Exam log sheet
  • Monthly customer satisfaction report
  • dashboards

Periodical (management) review of the whole set of quality management measures/methods – internal reviews and audits

  • Measurement
    • Formal audits
      • Monthly audits are conducted to measure the following
        • Process adheres by our employees
        • Level of customer satisfaction score on training and exams
        • Level of issues handled and maturity and rate of achievements month on month
    • Surprise audits are conducted
      • Organisation executives conducted random audit once in a month
        • Randomly probe the customers in see the quality of training and testing through some face to face sessions
        • On the observation of non conformities the necessary action is taken to address the gap

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