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The below items are comfort aids and do not require pre-approval. They will be allowed in the testing room upon visual inspection by the Test Center staff. Visual inspection will be done by examining the item without directly touching it (or the candidate) and without asking the candidate to remove the item, unless otherwise stated below.

Medicine & Medical Devices
Auto-injectors; such as EpiPen
Braces- Neck, Back, Wrist, Leg or Ankle Braces
Casts - including slings for broken/sprained arms and other injury-related items that cannot be removed.
Cough Drops - must be unwrapped and not in a bottle/container.
Eye Drops
Eye Patches
Eyeglasses (without the case), including tinted lenses – must be removed for visual inspection
Glucose Tablets (does not include hard candy) - must be unwrapped and not in a bottle/container.
Handheld (non-electronic) magnifying glass (without the case)
Hearing aids/Cochlear implant
Medical Alert Bracelet
Medical device: Must be attached to a person’s body, must be inaudible, and must not include a remote-control device.  Examples include but are not limited to: -Insulin pump -Continuous glucose monitor -Note: If the insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor includes an accompanying remote-control device, the remote-control device may not be taken into the testing room. If there is a need to take the remote-control device into the testing room, Candidates must apply and be approved for an accommodation to do so. -TENS Unit -Spinal Cord Stimulator
Medical/Surgical face mask
Nasal drops/spray
Oxygen Tank
Pills - i.e. Tylenol or aspirin must be unwrapped and not in a bottle/container.   Candidates may bring pills that are still in the packaging if the packaging states they MUST remain in the packaging, such as nitro glycerin pills that cannot be exposed to air. Packaging must be properly inspected.
Mobility Devices:
Motorized Scooters/Chairs
Other approved items (must be provided by Testing Center):
Earplugs and Noise Reducing Headphones (only considered a comfort aid in Pearson Professional Centers, for other testing channels an accommodation approval will be required)

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