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IT Asset Management Foundation (ITAMF.EN) is a certification that validates a professional’s knowledge on managing IT assets as part of an organization’s strategy, compliance and risk management. The content covered by the certification is based upon the philosophy of ITAMOrg, membership organization and thought leader in the area of IT Asset Management.

Target Audience

Specific roles/responsibilities could include (but are not limited to):

  • Overall management
  • IT Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Process Manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Business Continuity Manager
  • Security Manager
IT Asset Management Certification

Duration- 2Days Workshop + Post Workshop Support

Course Coverage

1.Introduction to IT Asset Management (ITAM) (10%)

1.1 Definition and goal of ITAM The candidate is able to:

1.1.1 give a definition of ITAM

1.1.2 outline the purpose and objectives of ITAM

1.2 Standards and best practices The candidate is able to

1.2.1 give an introduction to ITAM best practices and standards, ISO55000, ISO19770   and IT Service Management

1.2.2 explain the requirements in managing assets

1.3 ITAM models The candidate is able to

1.3.1 describe the ITAM process framework

1.3.2 explain the gap analysis

2.Hardware Asset Management (HAM) (20%)

2.1 Introduction to HAM The candidate is able to

2.1.1 give a definition of HAM

2.1.2 explain the purpose and the benefits of HAM

2.1.3 outline the general HAM lifecycle

2.2 Identify and manage hardware assets The candidate is able to

2.2.1 determine if an IT hardware asset should be tracked and managed

2.2.2 give examples of hardware standards and considerations when to use them 2.2.3 outline the disposal standards

2.2.4 explain the HAM lifecycle in an organization from acquisition to disposal

2.3 Best practices, tools and mobile devices The candidate is able to

2.3.1 outline tool reflections of HAM

2.3.2 explain mobile device (asset) management aspects of HAM

3. Software Asset Management (25%)

3.1 Definition and objectives of SAM The candidate is able to:

3.1.1 give a definition of SAM

3.1.2 explain the purpose and benefits of SAM

3.1.3 outline the software lifecycle

3.1.4 explain the roles and responsibilities of SAM

3.1.5 give an introduction to SAM best practices

3.2 The concept of compliance The candidate is able to

3.2.1 describe the violations leading to in-compliance

3.2.2 list types of software compliance

3.3 The risks and costs related to software audits The candidate is able to

3.3.1 give a definition of an audit

3.3.2 list the consequences that an audit could have

4. Services and Cloud Asset Management (SEAM) (20%)

4.1 Definition and objectives of SEAM The candidate is able to:

4.1.1 Give a general definition of SEAM

4.1.2 Explain the purpose and benefits of SEAM

4.2 The concept of services and cloud The candidate is able to

4.2.1 give an introduction to services and cloud

4.2.2 explain the benefits and pitfalls of services and cloud

4.3 The practice of SEAM The candidate is able to

4.3.1 explain what SEAM is

4.3.2 list the activities in SEAM

4.4 Contracts and contract negotiation in SEAM The candidate is able to

4.4.1 list the pre-negotiation activities

4.4.2 explain the contractual terms and pitfalls

5. People and Information Asset Management (PINAM) (20%)

5.1 Definition and objectives of PINAM The candidate is able to:

5.1.1 give a definition of PINAM

5.1.2 explain the purpose and benefits of PINAM

5.2 The guiding principles of PINAM The candidate is able to

5.2.1 list the guiding principles of PINAM

5.2.2 list the principles to support productivity

5.3 The practice of PINAM The candidate is able to

5.3.1 explain the activities in PINAM

5.3.2 explain the Technologies supporting PINAM

5.3.3 explain ISO 27001 in relation to PINAM

5.4 Services and cloud – Bring your own Device (BYOD) The candidate is able to:

5.4.1 explain Shadow IT

5.4.2 explain BYOD in PINAM perspective

6. IT Asset Management Interfaces (5%)

6.1 The interfaces of IT Asset Management The candidate is able to:

6.1.1 explain the interfaces of IT Asset Management

6.2 IT Asset Management roles The candidate is able to

6.2.1 explain the challenges of the IT Asset Manager

6.2.2 list the responsibilities of the adjacent roles


  • 2 days Instructor-Led Classroom training from Certified Trainer of Senior Profile.
  • Course materials (soft copy) and practice exercises for the exam.
  • Course Completion certificate

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