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Course Introduction

About the Course

About the Training Architect

Course Pre-Requisites

Installation, Configuration, and Validation

Building the Kubernetes Cluster

Release Binaries, Provisioning, and Types of Clusters

Installing Kubernetes Master and Nodes

Building a Highly Available Kubernetes Cluster

Configuring Secure Cluster Communications

Running End-to-End Tests on Your Cluster

Understanding Kubernetes Architecture

Kubernetes Cluster Architecture

Kubernetes API Primitives

Kubernetes Services and Network Primitives

Cluster Communications

Pod and Node Networking

Container Network Interface (CNI)

Service Networking

Ingress Rules and Load Balancers

Cluster DNS

Managing the Kubernetes Cluster

Upgrading the Kubernetes Cluster

Operating System Upgrades within a Kubernetes Cluster

Backing Up and Restoring a Kubernetes Cluster

Pod Scheduling within the Kubernetes Cluster

Configuring the Kubernetes Scheduler

Running Multiple Schedulers for Multiple Pods

Scheduling Pods with Resource Limits and Label Selectors

DaemonSets and Manually Scheduled Pods

Displaying Scheduler Events

Deploying Applications in the Kubernetes Cluster

Deploying an Application, Rolling Updates, and Rollbacks

Configuring an Application for High Availability and Scale

Creating a Self-Healing Application

Securing the Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes Security Primitives

Cluster Authentication and Authorization

Configuring Network Policies

Creating TLS Certificates

Secure Images

Defining Security Contexts

Securing Persistent Key Value Store

Managing Data in the Kubernetes Cluster

Persistent Volumes

Volume Access Modes

Persistent Volume Claims

Storage Objects

Applications with Persistent Storage

Monitoring Cluster Components

Monitoring the Cluster Components

Monitoring the Applications Running within a Cluster

Managing Cluster Component Logs

Managing Application Logs

Identifying Failure within the Kubernetes Cluster

Troubleshooting Application Failure

Troubleshooting Control Plane Failure

Troubleshooting Worker Node Failure

Troubleshooting Networking


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