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UiPath is a leading process automation tool in the market. A software robot aims to manipulate the presentation layer of application software in the same manner a human does.

Pre requisite

There are no prerequisites required to learn UiPath. The basic knowledge of programming is enough to learn UiPath

Course Coverage

  1. Introduction to UI Path
  2. Automate EXCEL
  3. Data Manipulation
  4. Automate User Interface
  5. Advanced UI Automation
  6. Automate PDF
  7. Automate Citrix Virtual Environment
  8. Automate Email
  9. Debugging and Exceptions
  10. SAP Automation

Duration: 2Days WorkShop + Post WorkShop Support


  • 2 days Instructor-Led Classroom training from Certified Trainer of Senior Profile.
  • Course materials (soft copy) and practice exercises for exam.
  • Course Completion certificate