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Workshop Proposal

Purpose: To conduct two days trainer led Leadership workshop to kindle the interests of the participant to understand leadership phenomenon

Workshop coverage

  • Introduction to leaders
  • Contribution- Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa – Leadership styles
  • Political leader vs Explorer Vs Executive
  • Excercise to understand the transformational leadership
  • Indra Nooyi-Kiran Mazumdar-Ratan Tata-Warren Buffet-Bill Gates-Narayana Moorthy-Dhirubai Ambani-Their contributions
  • Videos to listen to their achievments
  • activites to selct role models and become role models
  • Leadership Theories – essentials of future leaders - future of leadership - challenges faced
  • Leadership theory.
  • 4 Habits of Great Business Leaders
  • Excecise to explore leadership qualites
  • Tranformational vs Transactional Leadership
ledership Effeiveness
  • 5 ways to increase leadership effectivness
  • situational leadership
  • Robin Sharma- case study : Lead without Titile