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Duration : 2 Days


The Specialist Certificate in ITSM based on ISO/IEC 20000

Requirements for the certificate:

  • The training Expert in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000 by an EXIN accredited training provider
  • Successful completion of the Practical Assignments assessed by an EXIN accredited training provider
  • Successful completion of the exam Expert in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000

Target Audience

ITSM Expert is intended for those personnel who are involved in a practical way in:

  • Defining ITSM strategies, policies and objectives
  • Managing ITSM departments
  • Designing and maintaining ITSM management systems
  • Evaluating/assessing ITSM management system capabilities/performance

Specific roles could include:

Process Managers/Supervisory staff/Team leaders/Service designers/IT architects and/or planners/IT consultants/IT audit managers / auditors/IT security managers / officers/Project managers/Suppliers, Lead suppliers and sub-contracted suppliers

Workshop Outline

Planning the service management system

Establish the service management plan

  • Design a service management plan
  • Assess legislative and regulatory compliance, e.g., SarbanesOxley, Basel II, Personal Data Protection
  • Assess compliance to standards and/or applicability for certification, e.g., ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001
  • Design roles based on identified activities in the service management processes
  • Indicate appropriate competency requirements for roles
  • Choose appropriate methods for cultural change
  • Plan and document, at a high-level, appropriate service improvement activities
    (requirements gathering, design and transition)

Plan the service management system processes

  • Propose a model of processes and procedures
  • Design a document control system
  • Create a resource plan
  • Integrate the service management system with other standards or frameworks and bodies of knowledge
  • Plan the method for continual improvement of the service management system and the services

Plan service provision

  • Recommend a portfolio of services
  • Assess proposals for new or changed services

Implementing and managing the service management system

Implement and operate

  • Propose service management policies and indicators
  • Implement and improve the service management system
  • Assess risks to the consistency and integrity of the supply chain
  • Assess risks to the consistency and integrity of the service management system and the services


  • Build a culture of quality and service, consistent with service management objectives, within the teams operating the service management system
  • Create and maintain a training and development plan, based on gaps in required competencies
  • Explain benefits of the service management system to interested parties
  • Effectively communicate the service management policies and objectives to people operating the service management system

Measuring, monitoring and reporting on the service management system

Assess the service management system

  • Prepare for internal & external audits
  • Use suitable methods to assess the capability of the organization to successfully operate the service management system and the services
  • Identify gaps in service management objectives related to business needs

Review the service management system

  • Evaluate the service management system for both effectiveness and efficiency
  • Gather information required for a management review
  • Support and follow-up a management review meeting

Measure, monitor and report on service management processes

  • Measure, monitor and report on Service Delivery processes
  • Measure, monitor and report on Relationship processes
  • Measure, monitor and report on Resolution processes
  • Measure, monitor and report on Control processes

Improving the service management system

Propose service improvements

  • Assess results of reviews and audits for possible improvements
  • Propose service improvement activities in line with the service management policy and objectives

Manage service management system improvements through their lifecycle

  • Manage risks to the improvement project
  • Communicate improvement project progress to interested parties
  • Manage activities in the improvement project

Location Offered

On-demand Anytime Anywhere Instructor led training available
Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & other major cities in India, USA, UK, Middle east, Dubai & Singapore.


  • Early bird / Group / Corporate Group / Festive offers available

Demo Session

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